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Creating a culture of positive disruption since 2018, The DevQ is a Cleveland-based Web Development Agency whose data-driven AI ensures smarter, more profitable decision-making for companies that sell products, build places, and create content. The DevQ specializes in Web Development, Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization.

Higher SEO

The future of web is lightweight and fully customized websites. The DevQ Process™ increases the longevity of your site, optimizes for what search engines want, and boosts your website to the top.

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence is now being used by The DevQ to analyze data points and make recommendations for their apps. This approach helps save time and money by identifying their target groups.

Strong User Experience

A good user experience framework should be built to deliver a consistent experience across all devices. It should also be integrated with the latest best practices to ensure that it performs seamlessly across all devices.

what separates us from the rest

At DevQ, we are obsessed with cutting the bureacuracy out of the website development process. Eliminate overpaid middle managers and bloated budgets today.

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At this stage of the web development process, the initial research efforts in the project definition and some general consultations are vital for clarity. These could be in the form of a project discovery session where lots of questions and clarifications are made. Your needs as a client must be well understood by the development team.
You should consider that deciding on a sitemap during the planning stage is fundamental for the whole project. It involves organizing the structure of the website, how many pages and functions will be connected based on their importance, and what content and functionality must be rolled out with the first release.
The target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration for the design. The design spells out how unique a website can be, and it is a factor for an enjoyable user experience. To create a good impression on a user, the web design must be fascinating.
This is the development of the client-side part of the website to interact with the users. The designs initially made in the early stages are transformed into special animations and effects. Functions are subsequently integrated based on the choice of technologies and tools. The developers ensure responsive and friendly use of the site irrespective of the device.
Just before you deploy the website to a server after the development, there should be a sequence of rigorous, meticulous, and repeated tests to prove the elimination of bugs. The quality assurance team tests for functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, and so on. You must have a well functioning site.
There is still more to be done after deploying a website. Website maintenance, general updates, or even adding new features are unavoidable and might be called for. This can be facilitated by collecting feedback from the end-users of the website.


DevQ manages over 150 websites. We have a lot of great partnerships and clients that make coming to work fun. Check out a few of our friends below.

“I have known Josh Yager for years but recently used The Dev Q to upgrade our website. It was one of the best customer service experiences that I ever had. He did a great job of explaining and collaboration with me and my team. They are always available to answer questions and is very skilled explaining technical concepts in laymen terms. Everyone at The Dev Q are very skilled professionals but even better people. I highly recommend The Dev Q to those of need of website services.”

Mike DePaulo, All Pro Recruiting

“I had the pleasure of working with The Dev Q on a new website build and was extremely impressed with their skills and demeanor. They work quickly, efficiently, and brings intuition and talent to his collaborations. I found him to be very responsive, which helped our workflow tremendously. The build looked great, functioned great, and the turnaround time came in early (before our in-house deadlines). Finally, Dev Q took the extra time to train some of our staff to make minor adjustments to the site as needed. I look forward to working with Dev Q on future projects, and recommend him 100%.”

Dale Benfield, The V Living

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